About Us

The quality of our product is of high standards, we are sure that after you see your order in person that it will become evident to you as well.

Here at TURBOBEANBAG we developed a passion for funky, functional and affordable furniture. We offer you a wide range of quality bean bags manufactured in Europe.  Compared with the Asian products, our funky seats are made from higher quality materials and the Fox Leather we use has all the necessary health and quality certificates.

We can assure you that our trend spotting bean bags doesn't change their shape or color during transport. In the sewing industry, product quality always means seam quality. Our seams are of the highest quality, don't loose or tear and the seam strength is tested for endurance.

What makes our products so special is the polystyrene filling that enables beanbags to adjust to individual needs and comfort, taking the shape of the user. Granulate filling spreads freely inside the beanbag while you're sitting, providing you the unique feeling of comfort and relax, keeping at the same time its softness and stability.

We also offer customized beanbags for corporate events, gatherings, or promotional purposes. Comfortable seating with your company logo at a conference, any course or training session - Turbo Beanbags are the way to go!

All TURBOBEANBAG designs are digitized, and the design is carried out only with the use of the newest software. This allows designs created by our designers to be quickly incorporated into production process, and projects can be flexibly modified and tested in a number of variants. Optimization of the design and production process allows continuous improvement of consumer service standards and dynamic response to their needs and new ideas.

Large scale of production, qualified staff and modern, high-performance machines provide additional flexibility of the production process. With these attributes, we are able to meet even the most challenging tasks, keeping always the best quality and on-time delivery.

Our relaxation chairs and bean bags are created for those looking for something more than the classic armchairs. Take a look at our catalog of modern and ergonomic bean bags produced in a wide variety of colors, choose your model and have a positive impact on your health.